The Noxis are shrouded in mystery. Nothing is known about their origin, except that they appeared when a huge star named VY Canis Majoris went super nova. It is not known whether the explosion released them from the inside of the star or it transported them in some way.

Many scientists speculate that they are aliens from another dimension, but this can’t be proved, as all Noxis stick to the story that none of them remembers anything from before the time of the explosion. This can’t be proved or disproved because the Noxis have a strict ethical code that everyone follows, so they might all be lying for some sinister reason.

The Noxis have developed a unique mix between gene engineering and regular engineering. Their ships and buildings consist of a non-organic frame around which the organic building or ship literary grows. Since their ships are living creatures, the Noxis develop a spiritual bond with them, pretty much the same way a human gets attached to a pet. The main difference is that the Noxis’ life depends on the ship they are flying, thus the bond is much more profound and trust is of the utmost importance.After all it’s not a common occurrence for a human to die because their dog wouldn’t listen.

Traits:Their ships are slower and take a lot of time to mutate, but their strong side is that there are many of them, since they take-up a relatively small amount of Hangar population.

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