Minerals are vital for a thriving space economy because they are used for:

  • Constructing buildings;
  • Building ships and defense;
  • Upgrading ships;
  • Researching sciences;
  • Trading for resources or ships.

Ways to gain Minerals:

  • Minerals producing buildings – the main source of Minerals is Mineral extractor/ Mineral bot/ Mineral extractor. The higher the level of the Minerals producing building the larger the amount of Minerals gained. Each Planet can have up to 2 Minerals producing buildings;
  • The amount of Minerals gained from Minerals producing buildings is affected by the Mathematics science and the Engineer specialty;
  • Attacks – stealing it from an enemy’s Planet after a successful attack;
  • Pirating – conducting piracy at an enemy’s Planet;
  • Recycling Scrap – after a Battle, destroyed ships float around in space as Scrap. Scrap can be harvested and then recycled into resources;
  • Trading resources – at the Trade center player can trade resources among each-other;
  • Trading ships – at the Ship market players can trade ships for resources and vice versa.

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