The Protection mode is a Premium option that makes it impossible for anyone to attack, send pirate flights or spy on the player, who has activated it. The player is still able to use their account as normal, except that they can only attack and spy on inactive players. All other flights to the Player's planet (and the Team Planet) are active. The Protection lasts for 72 hours. After it has expired the player must always wait at least 48 hours in order to start another one (regardless if the expired mode is a regular Protection or a Platinum protection).

This mode will not protect you from from flights which are already in progress at the moment of activating it. It will only protect you from flights that are started after the mode is activated.

The Protection can be activated only once per month (in this case a month is a calendar month - for example: from the 1stto the 31stof January) but you have the additional option to activate Platinum Protection if you need more time to recover or form your fleet. A player can activate as many Protection modes as they want in a Game Round.

The first activation of Protection mode is free and every subsequent activation costs 50 Credits more than the previous, until the seventh. When a new Round starts counting of activations begins from 0.

Number of Protection activationPrice
First activation of Protection mode0 Credits
Second activation of Protection mode50 Credits
Third activation of Protection mode100 Credits
Fourth activation of Protection mode150 Credits
Fifth activation of Protection mode200 Credits
Sixth activation of Protection mode250 Credits
Seventh and every subsequent activation of Protection mode300 Credits

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