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Any player, who is not a member of an Alliance, can send an application for joining to any Alliance they’ve chosen. The application is sent to the Alliance leader. An application is active for 5 days, during which the Leader of this alliance can do 3 things:

  • accept it - the player that applies immediately becomes a member and receives a message about it;
  • reject it - the player is not accepted and receives a message about it, the application is removed;
  • don't respond - after the 5 days are up the application is automatically deleted, the player doesn't become a member.

A player themselves can cancel the application during the 5 day period if it is still not responded to.To do that he need to apply for another alliance and information message will appear, that he already sent 1 application (the maximum allowed applications). There is an option to delete this application if he confirms the application is deleted and the player doesn't become a member of any Alliance.

A player can only apply for one Alliance at a time.

A player, who has left or has been expelled from an Alliance, has to wait for 5 days before they can found of join another one. If a player cancels their application for an Alliance there is no waiting period until they can found or join another one.

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