The Confederation is what is left of the human race. Humans were in a state of perpetual progress, at least, until they invented their greatest creation – the Terteths, powerful and intelligent humanoid robot workers.While improving their capabilities people made the oldest mistake in the book – they made them too life-like.When the Terteths got their latest upgrade they gained an exclusively human trait – the pursuit of personal happiness.It took very little time until the Terteths figured out that they were used as slave labor and that it wouldn’t be at all hard to rebel against the humans.

The Terteths got organized in a matter of days and after a short, but devastating struggle it was clear that the robots were going to be victorious. After they left the human kind was set back a few hundred years as it lost its primary work force. This is when the Confederation was formed, its purpose was to stabilize the situation and to protect the human race from extinction. It almost failed, but due to a stroke of good luck the Confederation managed to preserve human kind.

Many years have passed since these times and now the Confederation is much stronger, but it is far from the strength people had before the rebellion.

Traits: The Confederates are master thieves, they can steal up to 66.6% of a planet’s resources (50% for other races). Their ships are strong and very fast, but they take-up too much Hangar space.

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