Ózon vásárlása

Since Ozone is very important for every Planet’s climate and ecology, a player may have a lot of troubles due to lack of Ozone. For that reason there is an option to Purchase Ozone which is instantly added to the Planet’s Ozone levels. The Ozone is paid for with Credits. This option can be used once per 48 hours, for each Planet.

There are two Ozone packages available:

  • 3000 Ozone – costing 200 Credits;
  • 6000 Ozone – costing 300 Credits.

Note: all amounts of Ozone above the maximum are lost.

Example: if your Planet’s maximum Ozone is 15 000 and currently there is 12 500 Ozone available, when you purchase 3 000 Ozone, the Planet's Ozone will become 15 000 and the 500 that are above the maximum are lost.

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