Vacation mode is for players which, for one reason or another, will temporarily not be able to tend to their account. Activating Vacation mode totally blocks a player’s account – no resources are gained, no buildings, ships or defense are constructed, the player cannot start any Flights and no Flights can be sent to the Player.

This mode will not protect you from from flights which are already in progress at the moment of activating it. It will only protect you from flights that are started after the mode is activated.

The mode lasts for 20 days unless the player stops it manually. If the player wants to stop the Vacation mode in the first 24 hours after activation, they must pay 100 Credits.

After Vacation mode has ended or has been stopped the player must always wait at least 48 hours in order to start another one (regardless if the expired mode is a regular Vacation or a Platinum Vacation).

Every player can activate this mode up to 3 times a month, besides the activation of Platinum Vacation(in this case a month is a calendar month; for example: from the 1stto the 31stof January).

If a player doesn't log in for 14 days during vacation mode all their resources that have amounts over 500 000 will be reduced to 500 000.

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