Obelisks are three special constructions which are an important step on the path to achieving the Game goal.Each one of the Obelisks requires three particularCrystals, that might be obtained by successfullyattacking Suns. Obelisks are constructed on the Team planet in the Galaxy zone.

Only after all three Obelisks are constructed, on the Alliance's Team planet, the construction of the SSG can begin.

Each race has to build their respective Obelisk:

  • Confederation: Obelisk of Ramses II;
  • Terteths: Obelisk of Axum;
  • Noxis: Obelisk of Luxor.

Each Obelisk requires the following resources and needs 48 hours for construction (the time is not reduce in any way; note that the time may vary depending on the Universe type):

  • Metal: 4 000 000;
  • Minerals: 3 000 000;
  • Gas: 2 000 000;
  • Energy: 1 000.

Each consructed Obelisk reduces the time needed for a Sun attack by 5%.

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