Space adventures are an additional way for you to gain more resources (Metal, Minerals, and Gas), ships and Credits. You can make up to 2 Space adventures for a period of 24 hours (up to 3 Space adventures if you have activated Premium account and up to 4 Space adventures if you have activated Platinum Premium account).

There are 4 types of Space adventures which differ in their requirements for performing, their price and the rewards they give:

Mine examinationBetween 10 and 500 Resource points; Days since beginning of Game round * (see below)50 Credits- 3 additional Resource purchases (removes waiting time, still have to be paid for); - Up to 15 000 resource.

Vicinity exploration100 Resource points10 Credits- Up to 40 Credits; - Up to 3 different new ships; - Up to 5000 of each resource.

Scientific expedition10000 Resource points30 Credits or 5 Stars- Up to 120 Credits; - Up to 10 different new ships; - Up to 50000 of each resource;

Quest of the Lost Civilization100000 Resource points100 Credits or 18 Stars- Up to 500 Credits; - Up to 20 different new ships; - Up to 250000 of each resource.

*The amount of days that must have passed since the beginning of the Game round depends on the Universe type:

  • 3 days in a Ultra Speed Universe;
  • 6 days in a Speed Universe;
  • 9 days in an Classic Universe;

Note that you must fulfill the requirements for Resource points in order to perform the selected Space adventure. Remember that there is always a chance for unsuccessful Space adventure and receiving nothing (except for Mine examination it always gives a reward). Don’t give up and try one more time.

IMPORTANT: If you receive resources and you don’t have enough free space in your storages, you will lose the amounts which are over the storages’ limits.

If you receive ships and you don’t have enough free population for them you will have to use the Overpopulation menu to destroy some of the ships you have already constructed until you have enough free population for the ships you are given as a reward.

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