Reuşite 3.5


Reuşitele sunt mici scopuri în joc.

  • Fiecare reuşită are anumite cerinţe de îndeplinit.
  • Unele reuşite necesită îndeplinirea unor scopuri: anumite zile după începutul rundei sau anumit număr de puncte de resurse.
  • Unele reuşite aduc premii: Zile premium (1, 2 or 3), Capsule (Pachet colonizator, Pachet cuceritor, Pachet economic, Pachet expansiune, PAchet explorator, Pachet miner, Pachet navighator, Pachet furnizor) or Imagini planetă.
  • După îndeplinirea cerinelor, fiecare reuşită aduce Puncte de reuşită.
  • Unele reuşite pot fi completate de câteva ori în runde diferite.
  • Altele se completează pe parcursul câtorva runde.

Reuşitele sunt repartizate în următoarele 8 categorii:

Pentru fiecare X reuşite completate într-o rundă de joc vei mai primi premii:

  • 10 reuşite completate: 5 zile premium
  • 20 reuşite completate: 5 zile premium
  • 30 reuşite completate: 5 zile premium
  • 40 reuşite completate: 5 zile premium
  • 50 reuşite completate: pachet legendar

Puncte de reuşită

Completetază-ţi reuşitele şi vei primi puncte de reuşită. Acestea determină locul tău în clasamentul Hardcore.


Reuşită Cerinţe Imagine Premiu Puncte de reuşită
Sunt în joc Dezvoltă-ţi planeta înţelept prin construirea clădirilor pentru a obţine 1.000 de puncte de reuşită. - 5
Creşte Construirea clădirilor şi a navelor îţi măreşte puterile. Asigură-te că ai obţinut 7.000 de puncte de reuşită. - 10
Nu mai sunt începător Sunt mulţi începători în joc dat tu poţi ieşi în evidenţă după ce vei obţine 50.000 de puncte. - 15
Îmi place să cresc în nivel If you gain resource points you become much stronger but you already know this! Go ahead and reach 300,000 resource points. - 20
I really know this game Your ambition about the game has no limits! Make sure to reach 2,000,000 resource points in order to prove yourself. 30
My first battles There is nothing funnier than battling with other players. You have to reach 1,000 battle points. - 5
Battling is very fun! That's right, battling is very nice! Go smack some ships and reach 7,000 battle points. - 10
Take this damage You like being the bad commander shouting your enemies “Take this damage”. Gain 50,000 battle points. - 15
This is my destiny! Every person has a destiny but what's yours? I bet you are good at battling – reach 300,000 battle points. - 20
Crash the Universe! Everyone can be a good commander but only one can be the best! Prove yourself and gain 2,000,000 battle points. 30


Reuşită Cerinţe Imagine Premiu Puncte de reuşită
Not alone anymore Even the best commanders need a good alliance to be part of. Be a member of a 3 member alliance. - 5
High Five! Having 5 members in your alliance will be enough to coordinate some successful attacks. - 10
Ten man alliance They say the “Ten man union” can beat even the strongest enemies. Be part of a 10 member alliance. - 15
More people, more fun Double the people, double the fun. Make sure to be part of a 20 member alliance. - 20
My team is the best! Being part of 30 member alliance will make your playing safer for sure, commander! - 30
I'm in the Rankings! It is very easy to be top in 1250 by total points so why don't you make it anyways? - 5
Going up, man Going up in Nemexia is very easy. Do your best and be in top 800 in the rankings by total points. - 10
Shining like a star You shine like a star! Go and do something in order to be in the top 450 players by total points. - 15
Show off Oh, you are a real show off! But you need to prove it – be in the top 200 players by total points. - 20
Top 50, indeed! Real Pro in here! You have to make sure you are in the top 50 by total points. 30


Reuşită Cerinţe Imagine Premiu Puncte de reuşită
My second planet is up You have one planet and you are wondering if one more will be OK. Why don't you just try? Colonize your 2nd planet. - 20
Expanding is good Having more planets is always a good idea. Expand and colonize your 3rd planet as soon as possible. - 25
Three is not enough You know what they say – “three is not enough”. Make sure to colonize your 4th planet now. - 30
I love planets Expand like there is no tomorrow. Commander, make sure to colonize your 5th planet. - 35
This is an Empire! Everyone wants to rule a great Empire but very few can make this real. Colonize your 7th (last) planet. - 40
I love my ships These ships seem nice – I love them. Construct ships for more than 500 population. - 5
Ready for battle Get ready for a huge battle with constructing ships for 2,000 population at least. - 10
Come and get me Give me time to construct 5,000 population of ships and then come and get me! - 15
Scary armada They say 12,000 population is a very scary armada. You can also have it right now! - 25
Limit reached! They say there is a limit for ships of around 25,000 population. Why don't you check it? 35


Reuşită Cerinţe Imagine Premiu Puncte de reuşită
Well developed planet A well developed planet needs so much buildings. Make sure to construct more than 200 levels of buildings. - 5
Great constructor! Good economics means as much buildings as possible. Go ahead and construct 400 levels of buildings or more. 10
Scientist Science is a very powerful driving force for those who know it. Research at least 120 levels of science. - 15
Elder! Elders from our era know how the things are going. Make sure to research at least 240 levels of science. 20
Keep on upgrade Upgrading your ships will make your casualties smaller in each battle. Make sure to have at least 30 upgrade levels for your ships. - 30
Commander! Commander, we need the strongest ships in order to win each battle. Go and get 60 or more level upgrades for your ships. 30
Technological breakthrough Develop one additional science at maximum level. 30
I love quests Quests help you to develop your empire easily. Complete quests #10 in order to get this achievement. - 5
General Each commander wants to be something better than others. The title General can ensure you to be special. - 15
Impossible is nothing! Be one of the only few who can reach the final stage of the game! Complete the last #45 quest. 25


Reuşită Cerinţe Imagine Premiu Puncte de reuşită
Protected. When protection mode is activated you are almost immortal for the time it lasts. Use protection and return yourself into game. 5
I have my motivation Ships can fly faster, if they have the right motivation. Use motivation option at least 20 times. 25
Adventurer As a good adventurer you love to travel to new and undiscovered places. Make 50 space adventures. 30
I want more resources Your lack of resources is never ending because of your fast development. Purchase resources at least 20 times. 30
Specialist No matter you need more resource income or higher maximum population, specialties can help you. Activate specialties for at least 10 times. 20
I have no identity No matter you want to hide or you are just sick of your silly nickname, you can change it. Use this option for at least 5 times. 20
Instant builder Constructing buildings and science is sometimes very slow and painful. Use instant building/research for at least 15 times. 20
Premium user You can do it the hard or easy way. Make your game funnier by activating premium account for 90 days or more. 40
I do not like pollution Pollution is dangerous so our planet needs something better. Buy ozone layer at least 3 times. 20
I have no luck If you feel like you don't have luck, the exit is easy. Activate Galactic Insurance for 14 days or more. 30


Reuşită Cerinţe Imagine Premiu Puncte de reuşită
Welcome to the Admiral club As a novice in command, prove that you have potential. Reach 10th level of your Admiral. - 5
Admiral on deck! You are now part of more experienced commanders, reach level 20 in your Admiral. - 10
The vets are your best friends Your name is often in the Galactic news. Reach level 40 of your Admiral. 15
Head of the empire You will be a legend among your people if you increase your statistics at maximum. Develop your Admiral stats at maximum levels. 20
Remember the Space Academy? Try to remember the paths you choosed and make a different decisions. Restart your Admiral's skills 10 times. - 35
Expert Offence The offence is your best defense. Use 21 skill points in your Admiral skills Offence category. - 20
Expert Defense Waiting for the enemy to make the first move sometimes can give you an advantage in the future. Use 21 skill points in Defence - 20
Expert Support Invest your time in improvement of your empire. Use 21 skill points in Utility - 20
Master strategiest Choose the best option for your empire - economics or military power. Use 32 skill points in one skill category. - 25
Grand Admiral Be the ultimate leader! Use 36 skill points. 30

Legendary Ultimate

Reuşită Cerinţe Imagine Premiu Puncte de reuşită
Master of three races Get to know every race in the game. Finish a game round with each of the three races. 30
One of a hundred Get yourself among experienced and well organized players. The game is a little different in there. Enter top 100 in three game rounds one after another. 40
Best of the bests Earn respect from the best players in the universe. Enter top 10 in three game rounds one after another. 50
We challenge the Universe You can be a part of one of the strongest alliances. Be in an alliance which won the game round three times. 50
My own, my precious Empire! Prove that you are a worthy leader that can lead glorious empire. Colonize 6 planets in 3 game rounds one after another. 30
Collective behavior Show yourself that you are trust worthy player. Be a member of alliance with minimum 100,000 alliance points. 50
Capital ships No matter the cost and time, you will build the bigger, the deadliest and the most armored ships. Construct the strongest battle ship of every race (Death Star, Titan, Nox Queen). 50
All of them at once Every Commander ship has a purpose and the best way to see it is to build them. Construct all your Commander ships in one game round. 25
Three brothers in arms Choose the most valuable Commander ships and improve them to gain their maximum bonus. Upgrade three Commander ships to maximum levels. 25
Special ships There is only one way to judge how capable is every Commander ship. Upgrade 1 of your Commander ships at maximum level. 75


Reuşită Cerinţe Imagine Premiu Puncte de reuşită
The Universe trembles You have 7 planets, that is good! Can you fill their hangars with ships? Construct 25,000 population in all seven planets that you have at the same time. 40
Raider Pick up your targets and raid them. Their resources are waiting for you! Salvage 10 million resources in pirate flights against other players in one game round. 35
Converting the past into future Gather as many scrap as you can and recycle it, because someone's defeat is actually investment in your own fleet. Recycle 1 milliards scrap. 30
Salvage everything you find! In peace or war time you have to continue and attack the Renegades. They have precious technology you can use. Gather 1 000 000 upgrade points in one game round 45
Ready for the big battle? Equivalent battles give you more battle points, if you manage to win them. Make sure to get at least 100,000 battle points from a battle and win it. 40
Too fast, too deadly! Can you attack someone and caught him by surprise? Gain 5,000 battle points in a battle that lasts only 1 battle round. 35
Military campaign Prove you are one of the best commanders in space and win 50 battles with minimum of 150,000 battle points. 45
Shields to maximum Defend yourself successfully 5 times from enemy attack with at least 20,000 population. 40
Star safety first! Stars are slowly dying in the Universe, but can you prevent the commanders that want to quicken this process? Take part in protection of any sun 5 times in one game round. 20
I am the Destroyer of worlds Bring the Apocalypse to your enemies in destroying at least 15 planets in every round for 3 game rounds in a row. 25

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